Singapore Dine & Music Gajah Mada Street 8 Phone: (0353) 887210

Anglingdarmo Cafe Gajah Mada Street VI/A Phone: (0353) 892478 Adelia Cafe Gajah Mada Street 122 Phone: (0353) 884208 Ari Jaya Depot Teuku Umar Street 24 Phone: (0353) 880235 JOMBANG

Tivoli Restaurant KH Wachid Hasyim Street 190 Phone: (0321) 861417

Kansas Fried Chicken KH Wachid Hasyim Street 181 Phone: (0321) 872640 Mahkota Rumah Makan Merdeka Street 97 A Phone: (0321) 863275 Mitra Anda Depot KH Wachid Hasyim Street 31/164 Phone: (0321) 860766 NGANJUK

La Bamboo Pub and Restaurant Gatot Subroto Street 95 Phone: (0358) 325666

Chinese foods Segar Regantri Fishes Raya Sukomoro Street 16 Phone: (0358) 322018 Mapan Depot Panglima Sudirman 1A, Kertosono Phone: 0358-551375 Fambayung Coffee Stall Raya Madiun Street, Bagor Phone: (0358) 324687 Menu: Indonesia foods MADIUN

Pagi Sore Restaurant Ledohan Street Phone: (0351) 384858

Mister Baso Restoran Pahlawan Street 38-40 Phone: (0351) 469555

Karisma Depot Kapt Saputro Street 11 Phone: (0351) 459343

Mina Rasa Diponegoro Street 68-B Phone: (0351) 459583

Internasional Rumah Makan Kol Marhadi Street 19 Phone: (0351) 454158 Fire Club Restaurant & Discotheque HOS Cokroaminoto Street 146 Phone: (0351) 451559

Jempol Jaya Raya Ngawi - Solo Street Phone: (0351) 747616

Sri Katon Raya Street Ngawi - Solo Phone: (0351) 746598

Sederhana Raya Street Ngawi - Solo Phone: (0351) 747616

Tunas Muda Raya Ngawi - Solo Street

Kondang Raya Ngawi - Solo Street Phone: (0351) 746048

Padang Damri PB. Sudirman Street

Padang Alpacino PB. Sudirman street Ngawi


Bahagia Depot Terminal Street 20 Phone: (0351) 896851

Citra Mirasa Depot Jend A Yani Street 21 Phone: (0351) 895380 Tirta Rasa Baru Rumah Makan Pahlawan Street 1 Phone: (0351) 895666 Visit to get Restaurants in each cities of East Java PONOROGO

Ramayana I KH. Ahmad Dahlan Street 108 Phone. (0352) 461164

Ramayana II Aloon-aloon Selatan Street / 1 Phone. (0352) 481149

Diponegoro Restaurant Diponegoro Street

Family Restaurant Sinduro Street

Batavia Fried Chicken Sultan Agung Street

Bu Roesmin Diponegoro Street

Amad MH. Thamrin Street 61 Phone: (0352) 481261

Ayam Goreng Pemuda Jaksa Agung Street


Rumah Denai Masakan Padang Jend A Yani Street 65 Phone: (0357) 883977

Bahari Depot Teleng Street Phone: (0357) 885148 Coco Fried Chicken Jend A Yani Street 26 Phone: (0357) 884642 Visit to get Restaurants in each cities of East Java

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Gunung Lanang Pacitan, East Java

In addition having the enchanting beaches, Pacitan Regency is also has lines of beautiful Mountains that cannot be missed. One of those mountains are Gunung Lanang. Mt Lanang is located in Punjung Village, Kebonangung sub-district, about 20 Km to the … Continue reading

Kalimas Seaport, Surabaya – East Java

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